Millie Mackintosh, the new face of Prodiga

The beautiful Millie Mackintosh arrived on set for the shoot at 8am, without an onze of makeup and hair freely flowing. She is even more beautiful that on our screens. Another factor I couldn’t get over is her height, 5ft 8 with never ending legs. Made In Chelsea shows Millie’s stunning figure but close up it is even more inspiring.


Her workout secret is Yoga, I’ve never personally fancied Yoga due to my horrific balance. But if these are the results…sign me up! Another beauty secret from the MIC star is her hair stylist Miguel Perez at the salon Daniel Galvin Jr. ‘My inspiration for the shoot was Rupunzel,’ Miguel had the secret help of a few hair extensions to transform Millie’s shoulder length hair into luxurious long locks.

I myself was green with envy as she stepped onto set, with this fabulous head of immaculately curled hair.

She is even more beautiful than on our screens

As a designer Millie is my perfect model, everything she tried on looks exactly as I had wished for whilst designing it. A Prodiga favourite is Millie in the Roller style skirts; which suit her long legs, and amplifies why she is the perfect model for Prodiga.

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