Introducing the Designer, Jennifer Levenston

I have always had a huge interest in fashion from a young age, and set my sights on my career as a designer. I think an area, which has inspired the brand Prodiga, is my passion for business, I wanted to create my own brand where the designs had my own stamp and I have full control over what is achievable.

The collections is made for women, focused on sculptured tailoring and adorning features to generate eye catching pieces that can be transferable for multi purpose usage. A huge focus for the collection is work wear that can be worn as evening attire. As I know from my own personal experiences I don’t have time to change between work and evening events so it is vital to feel confident in what you wear and be able to walk into any environment and not feel out of place.

I also feel clothes empower women, the inner confidence that thrives from the moment you put on that statement garment. And I feed on watching women transform both physically and mentally through clothes. Continually hoping each season will be greater than the last; I suppose the feeling is somewhat addictive.

My experiences so far have been out of this world and I am absorbing every moment of it. I travel to India and hand pick beads from local markets, which is an experience, I am so fortunate to be able to do. Running my own company has allowed me tackle all the processes more so than primarily designing.  India as a country itself is a huge inspiration; the blasts of colours alongside the culture are a driving force behind the designs.

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